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April 25, 2021

pulsing snare roll, then: A very big, impressive, staggering (and, as happens, opportune) duo of news—
Plus: Versepad now supports anagrams. Delta: I sense the beginning of paper's roiling envy. (Rough.)

Mobile Support
August 15, 2020

"O, to be mobile!"
Versepad's dream
At long last fulfilled.

Word Upgrades, Save/Open, Limericks
October 15, 2019

An update has never been bigger
Or tested with half as much rigor;
'Cause your poetry sheriff
Is lifting the tariff
On imports and exports—go fig're!

And what if you look up a word
Whose meaning you might have inferred?
Improved definitions
And sounds (all renditions!)
From Versepad, your personal nerd.

Multi-Stanza Analysis
July 17, 2019

Each stanza
Spawns yet another;

Now analyzes
Every. single. one.

Meter Improvements, Feedback Button
February 27, 2019
Ottava Rima

Hello again! I'll try to be concise.
These weeks have never seemed a boring chore.
(The building! Tweaking! Checking once-then-twice!)
And all that effort's given gains galore:
This pad now gives more metered, sound advice—
Advice for wielding meters, sounds, and more
(Even when those meters tend to bend).
Please give me feedback—be a "down right" friend!

Marginalia and Email Updates
January 21, 2019
American Cinquain

This list,
Its wistful kiss!
Subscribe to its assist—
Hissed whispers insist new bliss is

January 13, 2019
Introducing: Versepad
Senryū (Haiku)

Pen is mightier
Than sword, yet now there's Versepad,
Mightier than pen.